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Nannucci, Maurizio - Blue
Nannucci, Maurizio
Object, 1970

Post-Auction Sale  32.000 EUR

Manzoni, Piero - Linea (frammento)
Manzoni, Piero
Linea (frammento)
Ink, 1959

Post-Auction Sale  25.000 EUR

Klein, Yves - Table MonopinkTM
Klein, Yves
Table MonopinkTM
Mixed media, 1963

Post-Auction Sale  16.000 EUR

LeWitt, Sol - Tilted Form
LeWitt, Sol
Tilted Form
Gouache, 1987

Post-Auction Sale  12.000 EUR

Graubner, Gotthard - Tastobjekt
Graubner, Gotthard
Multiple, 1968

Post-Auction Sale  8.000 EUR

Byars, James Lee - Untitled
Byars, James Lee
Watercolor, 1985

Post-Auction Sale  8.000 EUR

Nauman, Bruce - Pearl Masque
Nauman, Bruce
Pearl Masque
Lithograph, 1981

Post-Auction Sale  7.000 EUR

Byars, James Lee - The 5 Continent Documenta 7
Byars, James Lee
The 5 Continent Documenta 7
Object, 1979

Post-Auction Sale  2.800 EUR

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